Current Projects

The Bodywork

The BodyWork is a somatic practice engaging and connecting the body and mind. Using improvisational movements, imagery, breathwork, touch for health, and dance, participants learn to sense, feel and attend to their whole self

I am writing 100 minutes of music in collaboration with Katie McCaughan of Jacksonville Dance Theatre and I love creating the meditative sonics for this project! Learn more and register for classes by clicking here!

Belle Isle

At a time when trauma and mental health are moving towards the forefront of our social conversations, Belle Isle aims to highlight the narrative of one woman’s struggle with identity and personal boundaries. What happens when we choose to reconnect ourselves and find true healing amidst adversit

Excited to do sound design, foley, audio post production and scoring for the film Belle Isle which aims to explore the effect of trauma on the body written by Michelle Calloway & directed by Farrell Huntley.

Food That Grows on Water

Food that Grows on Water takes an inside look into how oil pipeline Line 3 will affect manoomin (wild rice) of Minnesota and Ojibwe culture. Through this film we hope to inspire people to take action and help stop Line 3. Directed by Gabriel Cowan, Director of Photography – Sebastian Barbaran.

So very cool to be hired by a former student to do audio post for this incredible documentary!

Playable Fiction

I am working with my dear friend Mary Kayler and her company Playable Fiction! I’m doing audio, video, animation and voice over for one their interactive games. The central concept is a mysterious group operating outside of space and time. The group identifies apocalyptic timelines and tries to save themselves by contacting the ancestors of known survivors – the players of the game – and set them to work discovering the cause of the apocalypse, so they can stop it. Mary and her team create stories and scenarios across many genres so it’s always different and fun!

I love working with designers at Playable Fiction to produce really cool videos for a game franchise. Here’s one of them!

3TM Remix

A band of brothers and life long friends have documented their journey together in Music. The songs tell the stories of the Darkness and the Light, the Depths and the Heights, the Struggle, the Mystery, the Magic, and the Power of Life

After playing drums for Steve Watson’s remix of this tune, I’m getting a chance to remix it myself! The opportunity to work with friends I made music with in High School is magical to say the least! Looking forward to more sonic adventures with Steve, Holmes and Jives!

The Quiet Voice

I’m coproducing The Quiet Voice with soprano Carline Waugh – a continuing project dedicated to researching and documenting the music of underrepresented and under presented composers that will provide greater access to high quality recordings of the music of many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) composer

Jacksonville Dance Theatre

Another season of collaboration with Becca! Our work the last couple of years has been so important and and rewarding for me in so many ways. Our latest will premiere on May 14th in the Florida Theatre!