Facets of Love

Becky Brown, harp; Jeanine Casler, poems; Paige Naylor, soprano; Mark Snyder, guitar/bass/piano/synthesizer/electronics; Anna Weisling, video; John White, guitar


Disorder Chapter II: Alone – Commissioned by Jacksonville Dance Theatre

Rebecca R. Levy, choreography; Will Darden, director; Mico Fuentes, art; Shot on location at the Florida Theatre with JDT dancers Hilly Bodin, Emily Poli, Yidi Lin, and Tess Sturgeon. Produced by Jacksonville Dance Theatre and Eriden Images. Mark Snyder, piano

It’s Just not that Funny for cello and electronics. Written for Nick Photinos.

Nick Photinos, cello; Benoit Glazer, videographer


The Intimate Window – Chapter VII. Reflections

Becky Brown, harp; Zach Payne, violin; Kaylee Payne, viola; Luke Payne, cello; Mark Snyder, Mark Snyder, synthesizer/electronics/video


Production and Engineering

Project Alpha

by Delfini Jazz – Jazz


by Lillian Snyder – Singer/Songwriter

Ikaro del Amor

by Los Wembler’s de Iquitos – World

Wonder Years

from Wonder Years- Single by Aaron Taylor – Country

1217071 (feat. Holmes Ives)

from Danville by Mark Snyder – Electronic

The Saddest Days

by westwork – Alternative

Favorable Odds

from Somewhere by Andrea Cheeseman – Classical


Facets of Love: IV. Nostalgia

from The Invalid’s Sonnet by Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder: Producer, Engineer, Composer, Piano, Bass, Synthesizer

Dad 2000

from Please love Me by Nature Boy Explorer

Mark Snyder: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Trombone, Tuba

Music Made With Electricity

by westwork

Mark Snyder: Engineer, Drums


from Dance Party at the Planetarium by The Intrepid Trio

Mark Snyder: Drums