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About Calena

Calena was my first prom date and summer school math partner. She was such a beautiful and kind person that I always felt so relaxed around. I created this piece for her. It made me happy to think of the times we shared growing up and of driving Holmes by her house a thousand times a day so he could “accidentally” meet her and ask her out. When she passed away in November of 2011, I posted our prom picture on FB and her Dad commented on it: “Calena’s cancer was rare and aggressive. She went to the hospital on the day of the Mineral Earthquake (Aug 23) here in VA. There is no known therapy (chemo or radiation) proven for NUT Midline Carcinoma and only about 50 cases have been documented. She was so brave to the end and passed without pain; just like she was running a marathon or playing soccer. I love her so much and will miss her always. Calena’s Dad”