for processed clarinet, electronics & video


performed by Mark Snyder, clarinet



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About Harvey

Harvey is dedicated to Bryan, Kathy, Stelly & Ruby Harvey and to all of the families in Richmond that are still struggling to move on without them. Brian, Johnny Hott, John Gottschalk, Stephen McCarthy, Charles Arthur and I were rock musicians in RVA and it so happened that we were all having our first children (except Bryan), and they were all girls (except John G). For me, it made my transition to fatherhood much easier and it was gratifying to see how we all managed to incorporate our children into our musical lives. It was always great going back home on breaks from graduate school to see how everyone was doing.

On January 1, 2006, Bryan, Kathy, Stella, and Ruby were found murdered in their basement. The event left me completely incapacitated for months. While I wish to do something eventually to honor the Harveys, this piece was written out of my own selfish desire to cope , and the great sorrow I feel for my friends and family still in Richmond.