University of Central Florida Review

March 18, 2009

Mark Snyder

Last night, Mark Snyder did his one man, three instruments, one laptop, and a video projector show on campus. The concert went well, Mark is a good guy and easy to work with, and it was fun just hanging out with him for a few hours.

Mark’s music uses a lot of live electronics and video but the musical language is very straightforward and tonal. It is a great mixture, in my opinion. Some students around here are put off by anything electronic (other than in pop music, which seems odd to me) but Mark’s style is very approachable and ambient. And, like I said before, dripping with tonality. Most people I know who work with complex computer interfaces deal in abstract atonality as well. It was refreshing to be reminded that the two things don’t have to go together.

The ambient nature of Mark’s music got me thinking. I think his direction is one that makes sense to me. I should try a similar approach, make it my own, and see what happens.  Go to his website and check out the video pieces Harvey and Alluvium. You’ll see what I mean.


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