Updating patches

January 22, 2010

I have been putting something off for quite some time now, but alas, it is time to transition from Max 4.6 to Max 5. The performance instrument I have used since writing Malmö in 2006, (screenshot on the left) has housed VST or audio Unit plug-ins for live processing and controls for plug-in parameters, pre-recorded sounds and video. Most of the VST plug-ins that I used were Pluggo plug-ins which have been discontinued by Cycling 74 since development of Max for Live. While this has created a good deal of work, the benefit of me building the effects in Max/MSP is that I can now send my pieces off to be played by performers who don’t own and don’t want to buy Pluggo. I believe that by Monday, January 25th, I will be mailing Harvey off to Christopher Biggs and Randall Hall so it can be performed. Wish me luck.


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