Snyder Performs for Classical Revolution

June 2, 2016

Ellen_Cockerham_MG_0816_6_300dpi2Assistant Professor of MusicMark Snyder, performed his original composition Qwee for processed harp, accordion and video at the Classical Revolution’s, Night of the Living Composer at Balliceaux in Richmond, Virginia, on May 15th. Accompanying him was UMW alum, harpist Becky Brown ’15 who performed her original composition, Hold Still, a multimedia self-portrait for pencil, copper, Arduino on paper, poetry and video in Max.

Classical Revolution is a Richmond-based collective of passionate musicians whose goal is to integrate classical music with Richmond’s vibrant music scene by taking this universal art form out of its glass case and into local bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries. Classical Revolution was founded in 2006 at Revolution Cafe in the Mission District of San Francisco. In October of 2012, Classical Revolution RVA became one of over 30 chapters worldwide.

The program:

Night of the Living Composer- May 15th

Scott Frankel – Around the World;  Will You, Gabrielle Maes, soprano; Daniel Stipe, piano

Walter Augustus Braxton – Soliloquy from the Dance Suite Opus 4., No.7 for Flute and Piano, Walter Braxton, piano; Jeremy McEntire, flute

Jake Heggie – I Never Saw a Moor, Nichole Savage, soprano

Improvisation by Niccolo Seligmann, viola da gamba/medieval fiddle

Tonia Ko – Glass Echoes, Kristen Fowler, horn

Joseph Taylor – Harp Etude No.1  & No.2, Laura Seabourne, harp

Robert Andrew Scott – Meditations, Brandon Simmons, alto flute; Stephanie Barrett, cello; Laura Seabourne,harp; Caleb Paxton, viola


Mark Snyder – Qwee, Becky Brown, harp;  Mark Snyder, harp, accordion, electronics

Becky Brown – Hold Still, Becky Brown, live art & electronics

Steve Van Dam – Oro Aleatorio, 3-8 musicians


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