Classical Revolution Classical Incarnations

September 19, 2016

all BalliOn September 18th, I performed Alluvium for Classical Revolution’s Classical Incarnations.

Classical Revolution RVA wants to integrate classical music with Richmond’s vibrant music scene by taking it into local bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries–places people are already going to hear live music. Their goal is to increase exposure and let the music speak for itself. They believe that there should be a buzz surrounding classical music, not a stigma.

The Program:

Erin Vidlik – Benjamin Britten – “Arethusa no. 6” from Six Metamorphoses after Ovid

Angela Lehman-Rios – J.S. Bach – Bourees and Gigue from 3rd cello suite

Dave Robbins – Frédéric Chopin- Nocturne in C#m

Fran Coleman/Anthony Smith – “Awit ng Gabi ni Sisa” from Noli mi Tangere

Mark Snyder – Alluvium

Caleb Paxton/ Beth Anne Jacob – Rebecca Clarke – “Morpheus” for Viola and Piano

Brandon Simmons/Daniel Stipe – Gabriel Fauré – Fantasie for Flute and Piano

Arcadelt Ensemble –

A Good-Night……Richard Rodney Bennett

Au Joly Jeu………………Clement Jannequin

Weep O Mine Eyes…………..John Bennet

Kari Boyer/ Daniel Stipe – Carl Reinecke – movements II & I from Concerto in D Major

Hannah Standiford – Bach – Courante and Sarabande from 6th cello suite

classical Balic



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